The Miracle of Turfgrass!

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What are the Benefits of Turf Grass?

Bet you didn’t know all of the benefits the miraculous properties of turf grass can do for you, your home and your community. Here are some of the reasons you should believe in the power of your grass!

Turfgrass produces oxygen.

Like all plants that use photosynthesis to create energy, the byproduct of that process is a certain gas that we cannot live without – oxygen. But in addition to that, turfgrass cleans our atmosphere. It filters pollutants and it captures and suppresses dust.

Turfgrass improves the energy efficiency of our homes!

Turfgrass absorbs the heat of the sun on hot sunny days and actually cools your home! It reduces reflection of the suns rays and in turn reduces glare and dissipates heat to lower the air temperature.

Maintaining turfgrass is environmentally responsible.

On top of the atmospheric benefits, turfgrass reduces storm water runoff and erosion. It holds water, increasing percolation through the soil, and filters and cleans it along the way to recharge ground water aquifers.

Turfgrass promotes human activity and interaction.

A well-maintained lawn is a magnate for activity. We want to walk on it, play on it and just enjoy it with our family, friends and pets. Turfgrass is visually appealing and it gets people outside! It can improve physical and mental health.

Turfgrass enhances the community!

Your landscape increases property values in your community. And turfgrass is an integral part of creating curb appeal for your home!

There are other “miracles” of turfgrass including noise absorption, a natural fire barrier between homes, and lower crime rates.

Believe in the miracle of turf grass. Your lawn is a powerful asset to your home!