Lawn Care: 5 Reasons why you shouldn’t do it yourself.


DIY Fertilizer

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fertilize Your Lawn Yourself

Search the web and you will find a lot of opinions on the subject of lawn care. One blogger writes that he watched a company spend 20 minutes fertilizing his neighbor’s lawn. He decided to save the $70 application charge and DIY it. Others say “professionals” apply less than recommended to save money. Most advise to Do It Yourself (DIY)!

Here’s why you should pay a professional to handle your lawn care services

1. You still need to purchase the fertilizer.

A bag will cost you about $40 for a 12,000 square foot lawn. And add the cost of weed and insect control. Do you spray Round Up in your hardscape?

2. Add the cost of a spreader.

Face it, those Scott’s spreaders rarely last more than a season. And Scott’s likes it that way! If you are willing to buy a commercial grade spreader, it’ll cost you $300 to $400.

3. You always buy more fertilizer than you need.

Unfortunately, fertilizer manufacturers don’t sell bags in the exact amount you need. What’s left winds up sitting in the garage. You plan to use it next time but it absorbs moisture, hardens and just becomes a mess. Government regulations dictate the proper disposal of fertilizers. It’s not as simple as putting it out to the curb.

4. The timing of applications is critical.

A couple of rainy days, a family event the next weekend, and you’ve missed the window for applying pre-emergent weed control. Come July, you’ve got a lawn full of crabgrass.

5. DIY’ers may be unknowingly harming the environment!

Professionals calibrate equipment to ensure accurate application rates. Many States have laws that mandate when, and how much fertilizer can be applied annually to your lawn. Most homeowners are unaware and have no idea they may be negatively affecting the environment.

A reputable professional will quote an exact cost for lawn care service that is inclusive of weed control and insect management. Service calls are typically free and applications are completed on time, at the right time and in an environmentally sound manner.

Hire a professional. In the end, you’ll save money!