Lawn Care – Why We Discourage Spring Seeding


Every spring the radio and television commercials hit the airwaves. Seed companies running advertisements that guarantee you’ll have a thick, lush lawn in 2 weeks.

We discourage spring seeding, here’s why…

Spring seeding almost guarantees a lawn full of crabgrass in July!

 Seeding can’t be done until soil temperatures come to a consistent daily temperature of around 60 degrees. Unfortunately, these are the same temperatures at which crabgrass germinates. When we seed in spring, and do our best to ensure ideal growing conditions for our newly sown grass, we also create a great growing environment for crabgrass. The problem is that we can’t put down a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer. It will prevent our seed from germinating too!

Broadleaf weeds also compete for your lawn! 

The warm nights and warm days of spring are the best growing conditions for weeds…not so much for grass. Where there is open space in your lawn, dandelions, plantain, clover and ground ivy will find it. And spraying weed killer on weeds where new grass is growing can kill the grass. The grass just isn’t mature enough to resist the chemicals.

If the weeds don’t get you, the dog-days of July and August will! 

In high heat, the cool season grasses of the northeast have a tendency to lapse into dormancy. If your grass is 2-3 months old, it’s still in its infancy! It doesn’t have the root system to go dormant…it just dies. Surviving the heat and humidity of July and August requires mature grass with established, deep roots.

Wait until Fall! 

This is when temperatures are ideal for growing new grass…warm days, cool nights and lots of dew! For customers that won’t take no for an answer, we tell them seeding in the spring always requires you to seed the same area in the fall; you’ll spend that money twice! You will love the new grass until early July and by August you will realize the broken promises of spring seeding.

Fall…It’s the best time to seed your lawn. Save your money and let’s wait until then!