Lawn Care and the “Organic” Lifestyle?


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Organic Lifestyle and Organic Lawn Care

At the beginning of every season, we get a lot of new customer requests for estimates to fertilize their lawn organically. Most customers have some preconceived notions of organic lawn care. The most effective way to gauge real customer expectations is to ask, “Do you live an organic lifestyle?”

What’s an organic lifestyle? 

  • A focus on protecting the natural elements of your immediate environment.
    • Do you limit your landscape to only regional native plants? Do you allow a portion of your landscape to remain undisturbed to conserve biodiversity? Do you use only organic mulch in your landscape beds?
  • Minimizing the use of fossil fuels.
    • Do you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle? Do you manage your thermostat to use less natural gas or heating oil? Have you landscaped your property to reduce the energy use of your home?
  • Using only locally sourced products and foods.
    • Do actively purchase from local growers and farm stands? Do you focus on food labels to ensure only natural products are contained in packaged goods?
  • Practicing the law-of-returns through recycling, composting and reclamation.
    • Do you have a rain garden? Do you recycle grass clippings back into the lawn? Do you compost or create your own compost tea to improve soil health?
  • Using only OMRI-approved products. (Organic Materials Review Institute)
    • OMRI is a nonprofit, 3rd party reviewer that certifies products and materials as organic.

Customers that live an organic lifestyle generally have clear goals and expectations of what an organic lawn care program can achieve for them. They recognize the long term benefits that can be realized with organic lawn care.